School Soccer Team Excursion

School Football Excursion 19

On the 6th October 40 would be football stars from Pichey Rangsey School went on a school excursion to the Navy training centre near Phnom Penh for football training, a pork and rice lunch and to later watch a practice match played by the Cambodian Eagles Football Team.

There was a high level of excitement amongst the children as there has never been an excursion from the school. The children had a great time and were not the least bit daunted by the deluge of tropical rain that rolled in. There was definitely no dampening their enthusiasm!

They were very proud to be wearing their new school sports uniforms especially with the new school logo embroidered on their shirts. There were 20 boys and 20 girls with uniforms numbered 1-40 making it easier to account for everyone.

They indeed looked smart and part of a team (which really pleased their hosts, Cambodian Eagles Football Team) otherwise the girls would have been playing in skirts and the boys in jeans. Not a good look nor practical.

We know the Caulfield Grammar students (who made all of this possible) will be amazed to see the mode of transport that is the norm for their friends in Cambodia.

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