Sfoda Flood

Humanitus Flood Relief for SFODA Orphanage

Humanitus flood relief for SFODA Orphanage arrived this week. As you can see by the photograph the overflowing Tonle Sap river has had a aserious effect on SFODA.

SFODA - Emmy's First Birthday

When a team of Directors and volunteers last visited SFODA in July 2011 Emmy had just arrived at the orphanage.

SFODA Orphanage Impacted by Cambodia Floods

SFODA Orphanage are facing yet another challenge in their day to day struggle to provide accommodation for 52 Cambodian orphans.
Sfoda 2009

December 2009 visit to SFODA orphanage

The time spent at SFODA was a rewarding time. It provided an opportunity to spend time at the orphanage and begin to gain insight into life at SFODA. It was also an opportunity to spend some extended time with the children who range from 3 month old babies through to teenagers.

Lauriston Girls' School Staff donate $330

The Junior School Staff generously donated 330 dollars to Humanitus to benefit the children of SFODA orphanage in December 2009.
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